We understand that sometimes your schedule doesn't work out for you to volunteer time or bring items to an event, but we are happy that you want to contribute to the programs and fundraisers that PTSA offers though the year.

To donate to a specific program, as listed below on these PayPal links, pick an amount from the drop down of any of the funds and click the "Add to Cart" button. When you are done, click the button under VIEW CART (near the bottom) to complete your donation. You may also specify an amount or donate to the general fund with the last link titled "Donate."

Teacher Membership Dues

Family Membership Dues

Hospitality / Staff Appreciation
Donate to Hospitality / Staff Appreciation

Scholarship Fund
Donate to Scholarship Fund

Teacher/Staff/Student Grant Fund
Donate to Grant Fund

Project Graduation Fund (this is not a ticket purchase)
Donate to Project Graduation

When you are finished please click the VIEW CART button below

If you would rather specify an amount to donate or want to donate to the general fund, which is used for a number of programs and items not listed above, please choose the option below.

Just as an accounting note for those interested: please be aware that PayPal charges us a fee for accepting payments through them, so they withhold a portion of the funds. We are still happy to make the process as easy as we can for our donors, but this means the full amount you donate to us will not be reflected in the bookkeeping records nor on any tax documents you may receive from us.

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